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When I go, I GO

 Guess FB and stuff is easier to post in. But I am still here and around and kicking. I just don't think of posting here terribly often. Sometimes, I really do however.

Was going to post a big tirade about my brain giving me stupid dreams I don't need, but I'm going to refrain. I think i want to mull it over some more in the first place, and posting about dreams is kind of stupid anyhow. Suffice to say my brain sometimes goes on automatic and pisses me off. LOL

I've rejoined Xenaland, so we'll see if I post some more icons and things here in the future. Honestly, it's hard to remember to come and check and the wonderful auto-bot I used to have to read isn't working anymore, so who knows. We'll see!

Not Dead

 Just so y'all are clear - I am not dead. There, it had to be said. Well, probably not. But I don't blog so much anymore. I don't do a lot of things anymore like I used to and it's occasionally a struggle to keep up with what I do do. Okay, back to bed so I can go to work. :)


Well, haven't posted since July. That's - a very long time. I don't know what that's about. Guess I've been very, very busy. I just can't think where. LOL

Well, if you've never seen a picspam, you're about to. This is for the challenge at xenaland where I compete on Team Amazon Nation (xlamazons ). I've never made one before and - quite intensive. Hope I did the thing proud.

Picspam - Hooves & HarlotsCollapse )

Comments welcome!

Icon Dump

So two of my three icons won some awards over at ichallenge_xena . I'm very pleased with that, even if neither was a 'place' situation (1st, 2nd, 3rd.) Icon #1 below won "best crop" and icon #2 won "Mod's Choice". The icon in Mod's Choice was tied for 2nd/Third with six other icons, so the competition was pretty rough.  Here's the icons, plus some others I've entered over there that I hadn't shared. #9 also won two contests at the same community above, which was a contest about weapons and then later about 'quarterly win'. I got third both times. #15 was also a winner from a "scavenger hunt" (total fun) and I think third again. Comment is love, but you don't need to link back if you grab. Appreciated, but not required.

16 icons - Xena related (mostly Amazons)

1.  2.  3.  

4.  5.  6.

7.  8. 9.  

10.  11.  12.  

13.  14.   15.  




Been making icons like a lunatic lately. Can't share any yet, so you can't see. All are Xena-related, natch. I know, you're so shocked. :) I'm not!


Yeah, okay. I'm terrible at blog posts I guess. Never sure what to say anymore. Right at the moment I want to say that I'm still a Xenite, still a Whedonite, and still flyin'. Next weekend there's a Goonies thing in Astoria. I dunno why I didn't know that until today, but I didn't. So there's that.

Drop on by

Toasted Workshop

(Copied entirely from the forums at http://www.toasted-cheese.com - a FREE writing community, online magazine and writing contest space. Check it out sometime!)

Engage With the Snark: a 12 week Fiction Workshop (January 4 - April 4)


To create an online workshop similar to live workshops, resulting in (at least) two publication-ready short stories, for writers of all skill levels. Topics will include: plot, character, setting, dialogue, word choice, story structure, themes, etc.

All genres are welcome. Keep in mind that not all participants will be familiar with all genres but that constructive critique spans genre.


1. $30 sign-up fee*, payable via Paypal to baker@toasted-cheese.com Include your TC username when you send your fee. Upon satisfactory completion of the workshop, participants will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card as a partial “rebate.” Satisfactory completion means posting all exercises and doing the required feedback (see below).
2. Exercises/stories posted by Mondays January 11 – March 29
3. Feedback of no less than 100 words on all postings by fellow workshop members. (If the workshop has a large number of participants, you won't need to respond to every post; it'll be updated on the forum)


- Directed writing practice
- Constructive criticism from multiple sources
- No required reading or additional costs
- Participation in a workshop for a low fee (compare to other online workshops)
- Flexibility: you have a week to write and post your assignment and do feedback; work around your own schedule at your own pace
- Beginning April 5, anyone who completes the workshop may submit up to 5000 words of fiction (any genre) for detailed, private critique (a.k.a. “NPC” or “nitpicky critique”) to the Snark Wrangler**. Your work may be from the workshop, part of a novel in progress, etc. Those eligible to receive NPC will be the same people who receive the $15 gift card “rebate.”


- First topic will be posted January 4; discussion will begin on that date. The first finished exercise is due to be posted by January 11. Word count guidelines will be provided.
- Short exercises posted by: Jan 11, Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 22, March 1, March 8, March 15
- In addition to the short exercises, you will write two short stories, 1000-5000 words. Post a rough draft on the boards and use the feedback you receive to polish the story and post it the following week.
- Rough drafts of short stories posted by: Feb 8 & March 22 (Three Cheers and a Tiger Weekend
- Final drafts of short stories posted by: Feb 15 & March 29. Feedback on the March 29 posting will continue through April 4.

A detailed syllabus/schedule will be available on the private workshop board. Only those who have paid the registration fee will receive access to the forum.

Sign-up begins December 22 and goes through January 4. Tell your friends! Tweet it! Post it on Facebook! Make the workshop as large as possible so you get the most feedback you can! Exclamation points!

* Note about the fee: As always, Toasted Cheese remains dedicated to being a free site for writers. After careful deliberation, we decided to implement a small fee as incentive for writers to stick with the workshop and to participate actively. We’ve also chosen to reward those participants who make the workshop a success by returning half of that fee via an Amazon gift card. The remainder of the fee (after Paypal charges) will go toward site maintenance, keeping all other aspects of Toasted Cheese free. After January 4, the only refunds that will be given are the $15 gift cards.

** Who’s steering this ship? Stephanie Lenz has a degree in creative writing from Florida State University and has published poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, editorials and more. Upcoming credits include “Rabbit’s Feet,” a short story in Bound Off and her one-act play Stella’s Attic will be performed next spring. She is a founding editor of Toasted Cheese. She reads, she writes, she gives constructive feedback and believes anyone can begin a workshop (and suggests you try it yourself). She also writes her biographies in third person.


I just really want to say "arrrgh!" Emphatically.

Facebook is having a major freak out and I can't really play games there today.

Of course, I should be editing my archives, which I haven't done in like three stupid days. I'm not bored and in fact found a new motivation - but I haven't been doing it. Mostly because I don't feel well.

Saturday, my head hurt. It's not a migrane, but it's a migrane. It's like I'm lightheaded, but with a squeezing factor. It's freakish. I can't get it to go away. I tried resting, sleeping in, staying up, taking SIX frakkin' Tylenol (which is all I'm allowed with the other medications I'm on) candy and caffine. I have no idea what's going on with my head.

The co-worker who shares my office, Skipper (as in "THE Skipper" not Barbie's pal) fell off a ladder over the weekend and shattered his ankle. This apparently required NINE PINS...good lord...and he's like 20 years older than I am or so so he's not exactly a healing fiend. He's awesome and I missed him terribly Friday (he had a class) and now today and we don't even know when he'll be back to work. It's terribly sad and lonely in my office. Top that off with the boss having the day off and...that leaves me in charge. I have no idea why or how, but it does. So I had to lock up and kind of monitor everyone (impossible from my locked dungeon...office) from the video cameras while solving all the fires that decided to rage. (Truck broken, security cameras broken, fix security computer, and on and on...)

While I'm at work in that mode...I get an email from a disgruntled Amazon who hates the last post, which I had nothing to do with, and where she slammed me for my post but I "shouldn't take it wrong". Beyond that, she and her two cohorts have come up with three 'really great' ideas wherein they rule everything and have decided what's going on. And where one of them, yet again, slams me for my point of view in my post. Sick of them. SO sick of them. Want to give reigns to Jadea and watch horses trample........no no no. Must keep cool. Must use balance and wisdom and fairness to ..... run them over with horses. No, no. Wait....

Not a single person except ME has voted for my TC article. Why did I write that again?

Finally, I spent most of Saturday entering some icons over at a group. The deadline was 7pm. And...nothing has gone up or been mentioned about that since she posted the reminder to post. Either she's still gone or I was the only entrant and she's hoping for someone late to join.

I look forward to the four-day weekend. I plan to do more archives, make more icons, and hopefully catch up a bit. We'll see. Right now the universe is telling me all kinds of wierd things. Mostly I just want to take a few naps. :)